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Morgen Lloyd & Associates (MLA) partners with nonprofit arts, environmental, social service and healthcare organizations internationally. We empower boards, senior staff and committed volunteers to meet and exceed their organizational goals.

How it works
Large or Small, your organization deserves to thrive!

Large or Small, your organization deserves to thrive!

Whether it is time to develop a Strategic Plan, review your fundraising tactics or educate your Board of Directors, a "one size fits all" approach is never going to work. Your organization needs a customized plan that leverages its unique assets and the role it plays in your community. 

Let’s talk it out, and determine the steps needed to maximize results and minimize the time and money spent to achieve them.

  • Assess

    Start Where You Are: MLA teaches you how to lose the poverty mentality by quantifying all of the ways you contribute to your community and placing a value on the loyalty it inspires.

  • Envision

    What is the Goal? MLA wants to make sure that every dollar spent is bringing you closer to your vision of a smoothly operating organization that can distinguish between responsive and reactionary postures, leverages the talents of your team and matches the capacity of your resources.

  • Plan

    Let MLA map out an approach that ensures your organization arrives at its destination stronger than ever and better prepared to grow its programmatic and fundraising activities.

  • Act

    MLA can take the lead putting your plan in motion or guide your team through the process, using reporting and tracking mechanism that ensure transparency and easy communication.

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